Mariam Hamid

I chose the University of Pécs because of its prestigious reputation. The faculty of social sciences and humanities is known for its excellence in qualifications and unique teaching styles therefore, creating a more interactive study environment for its students. The fact that the faculty encourages its students to dwell into immense research work will help me nourish my essential skills to conduct interdisciplinary research, enhance my writing and analytic skills to a higher extent. The holistic approach that the International relations faculty uses while teaching its students really appeals to me because it will help me look at different situations with different aspects. Hence, the reasons why I chose the University of Pécs.
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Form of finance
Study program
International Relations BA
Period of studies
05/09/2017 to 12/08/2020

I am a 21 years old final year bachelors student of International Relations studying at the University Of Pécs. I am a citizen of Pakistan and it is an honor to study at a prestigious university in Hungary. I am thrilled to start my new journey as an ambassador and very eager to help all the prospective students

Throughout my journey in Pécs, I got involved in various Student Organizations such as AIESEC and ESN. I also got the chance to put my skills to use by interning at various organizations such as the Embassy of Pakistan. I can’t wait to explore the professional life after I graduate.

Studying International Relations can open up a lot of opportunities for you. This degree is specifically designed to broaden your career options. For example, Politician, democratic positions, professors, researcher, political advisor, human rights activist and various other administrative jobs especially in the government sector. You can also work for organizations like the UN/IOM etc.

Always remember, the university that you choose will eventually lead you to building your future. So always get in touch with alumni’s of a specific university and get to know about how their life is after graduating. The opportunities that a university can provide its students means a lot for building ones future and I believe here at Pécs, there are an ample amount of opportunities for a student to flourish and build a successful future.