Mandisa Gila

“An institution with great historical importance to Hungary but a drive for internationalization: the University of Pècs has given me not only a great education but also the opportunity to be amongst and learn from my peers from all around the world.”
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  • Introduction
  • Career opportunities
  • Recommendations for future students
South Africa
Form of finance
Study program
International Relations MA
Period of studies
09/01/2017 to 06/30/2019

I am outgoing and fun-loving and love experiencing new cultures. I love academia and strive for the betterment of my country through the use of my education and various lie lessons have been privileged to experience.

International Relations is a complex field that makes it possible to work for ones local government as well as international organizations in various roles such as policy, diplomacy political analyst and many more

I would highly recommend this degree and and this institution as they take a well-rounded approach to the field of study which allows for their students to be real world ready.