Lujain Hunaity

“Along the pressure of research papers and stressful exams, our professors maintain a supportive and understanding approach throughout the semester. There is no such thing as a stupid question, as everything is explained and answered properly. This positive atmosphere is widely sensed around campus and the city. People are very helpful and understanding, and they are very accepting of different cultures and backgrounds. I recently had conversations about culture, politics, psychology, and music with different people around the same table!”
  • Short introduction
  • Introduction
  • Career opportunities
  • Recommendations for future students
Form of finance
Study program
English Studies MA – Applied Linguistics
Period of studies
09/03/2018 to 06/30/2020

 I am a 23-year-old enthusiast for knowledge and adventure. I am intrigued by literature and the science of language, and attempting new things. I live my life seeking the human truth, of myself and people I interact with. I am a believer in change, and in living life according to personal morals and principles, and that makes me want to make a difference in the lives around me.

  • Lexicographer
  • Publishing editor
  • Proof-reader
  • Writer
  • Translator
  • Forensic Linguist
  • Speech Therapist
  • English as a Second Language Teacher
  • Applied Linguistics Teacher
  • Marketing and Communications Executive


No matter how successful or advanced you are in life, you are always a learner and a student. Moving to a new country and opening a new chapter in your life is never easy, so cut yourself some slack, take a deep breath, and embrace the adventure, but do not take your eyes off your goal, and never stop believing in yourself. Pécs is a small city of loving people from different nationalities and backgrounds, so you will always find yourself a community of your own!