Fernanda Sesnick de Oliveira

“Pécs. The city of lifelong friendships, delicious food, and countless adventures. I never imagined a city 10,645 kilometres away from Brazil could feel like home. People are authentic, and welcoming to each individual. My faculty is occupied by passionate professors and amenities that offer practical use of what we learn in class. The experiences are untold from the city that sits below the TV tower.”
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Form of finance
Study program
Electrical Engineering BSc
Period of studies
09/01/2017 to 01/30/2021

Motivated by the desire to achieve better things in life and friendships, I’m not afraid to try new challenges and adventures. I’m passionate about engineering, music, sports, making new friends, and Brazil. I always try to be positive, take things easy, and to keep people around me happy.

Electrical engineers specialize in power supply, generation, design, and development. At the University we prepare for careers in testing/supervising electrical equipment manufacturing. Electrical engineering can also lead to careers in program or engineer management— or could even become a professor at a university.

When studying in a city packed with international students you have the opportunity to make connections with people from all over the world. So enjoy this unique opportunity that is living in Pécs!