Zaid Dissi

"A full year in Pécs, I would say that the University gave me the best experience of my life. Especially the International Students. The people were so keen to meet me whenever I went out and were interested in my background and the region I am from."

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Computer Science BSc

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My name is Zaid. I am a Stipedium Hungaricum Scholarship holder from Jordan.
This is my second year in Pécs, and I would undoubtedly say that it is an experience that I will remember forever. 
Coming to a community with a big multi-cultural environment can be extremely overwhelming in the beginning; I had a huge culture shock when I first arrived in Pécs. However, in a very short time, I have met many awesome people from all around the globe and made countless memories that I will cherish for a long time.
I am the kind of person who gets along with other people and is always fascinated by learning about other people’s cultures and languages.
I love hiking and playing games that involve a group of people. I am also an enormous fan when it comes to Sports. So, if any of you have those interests, just email me!

Career opportunities

•    Data Science
•    Artificial Intelligence 
•    Software Developer
•    Web Developer
•    Information / Cyber Security Analyst
•    IT Project Manager
•    Computer Systems Analyst
•    Database Administrator
•    Computer and Information Research Scientists
•    Computer and Information Systems Managers
•    Computer Hardware Engineer
•    Computer Network Architect

Recommendations for future students

Sometimes, you can over-think your plan of action. You spend a lot of your time charting out what events you want to that you feel too psyched to follow through.
If you struggle with this kind of pressure, relax, take a deep breath, don’t put too much stress on yourself, and try to take social events and gathering as they come. Take it from my experience, it will help make your interactions with other people more organic and natural.