Yan Xirui

If I were to describe my life in Pécs this year, my generalization would be respect, openness and diversity. It respects my personality and let me know excellent partners from all over the world, I love Pécs!

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Study Program
Gazdaságinformatikus (Hungarian language program)

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“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” When everyone thought that learning a major in Hungarian is an impossible task, I did it. This year’s experience has cultivated my perseverance and hard work. I thank all the teachers and classmates who have helped me and encouraged me. I also hope that I can help more people who want to fulfill their dreams, so let me help you! I will be your closest partner on the road to dream building!

Career opportunities

1. Big Data Engineer

2. Machine Learning Engineer

3. Data Scientist

4. Data Analyst

5. Blockchain Developer/Engineer

6. Software Developer

7. Computer Network Architect

8. Computer Systems Analyst

9. Database Administrator

10. Information Security Analyst

Recommendations for future students

Forget the people today will be forgotten tomorrow. Believe in yourself, be loyal to yourself, and be brave to pursue your dreams!