Wahida Hafsat Mohammed

"It has been a beautiful ride so far. I went from hating my course completely to getting excited to graduate. With amazing lecturers who take their time to explain and help you to the administration office. I love pecs and respect the faculty ."

Form of finance

Study Program
Physiotherapy BSc

Period of Study
  • Introduction
  • Carrer Opportunities
  • Recommendations for future students

Hello, my name is Wahida, a 4th-year physiotherapy student in the faculty of health sciences. Aside from studying to become a physiotherapist, there are stuff I enjoy doing on the side like writing creative stories and poems. I chose to study physiotherapy because it’s always been my dream to help others in healthcare.

Career opportunities

Private practice physiotherapist or physiotherapist working in a hospital 

Recommendations for future students

If you are someone that enjoys small cities and the quietness, Pécs is most definitely for you. It’s literally the place for you!