Varna Gomes da Silveira

University of Pécs gave me the opportunity of making my dreams come true. The college here gave me the chance of getting to know people from all over the globe and enjoying a life of an international city.

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General Medicine

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 I greatly appreciate the opportunity I have been afforded as a student here in Pécs. I could never have imagined all the wonderful experiences that were ahead of me when I first arrived. I have had some of the best moments in my life here and have made amazing friends from all the four corners of the world. I really feel like my experience as a student here has brought out the best in me and realise my own potential and for that it will always have a special place in my heart.

Career opportunities

Medical Doctor (with the possibility of specialization in many fields), Researcher

Recommendations for future students

Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back, be open to new things and optimistic and things will work out great. Although moving here was daunting in the beginning, my experience in Pécs has helped me give a whole new perspective and appreciation of how diverse and colourful the world can be.