Spreeha Thapa

I have been involved in multiple events hosted by the university, ranging from International evening to the 50 delicacies cookbook. The university has allowed me to immerse myself in the international community and expand my knowledge in many areas.

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General Medicine

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Hi my name is Spreeha Thapa, and I’m a 6th year medical student here at University of Pécs. Since a young age, I’ve moved around to many different countries around the world; Hungary has been the longest place I have ever lived in. This place has given me the skills to become a great doctor all the while giving me opportunities to make lifelong friends. As this is my last year in Hungary, I look forward to helping prospective students gain insight into the life of a student at the University of Pécs. 

Career opportunities

General Medical Doctor (currently on rotational year)

Recommendations for future students

Pécs is a such a diverse city since the university is such a dominant part of the city. If you’re afraid of adjusting to a new place, you’ll find friendly faces everywhere to help you out, don’t be afraid to reach out! Look for opportunities not just within your faculty, as there are lots of interesting things the city and the university as a whole, has to offer!