Shaheer Ahmad

UP has given me a lot in terms of resources, cultural diversity, accountability, self-confidence, challenges, mentors and friends. It encouraged me to become the best version of myself, grow to my full potential and encourage others as well.

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Biology BSc

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Choosing Hungary to begin my undergraduate studies was one of the best decisions of my life. The University of Pecs and the city itself has helped me to develop myself both personally and professionally by providing diverse opportunities. Along with my studies I travelled several places across Europe, encountered people from diverse backgrounds, faced new challenges and remodelled my character to the finest, which is just incredible. And most of all, I gained the confidence and the faith that I can be what I want to be!

Career opportunities

Biochemists, Geneticists, Neuroscientists, Biotechnologists, Genetic counsellor, Ecologists, Health communications specialists, Microbiologists, Environmental scientists, Forensic researchers.

Recommendations for future students

Based on my experience here, I have a couple of tips for prospective students. Always prepare yourself beforehand, no matter how simple the task is. keep a good balance between your studies and social life, never compromise on your studies. Try to acquire as many skills and achievements as possible so that you are able enough to start your life independently.