Samantha Foster

The University of Pécs made me realize that the most important lessons are not learnt inside the classroom, but rather outside by experiencing life itself. The university has taught me so much more than I could have anticipated.

South Africa
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Architecture OTM

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Studying at the University of Pécs has been the best and most challenging experience I have embarked upon on. Meeting new people who have now become my family, being surrounded by people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and being in a foreign country have all added to this amazing and enriching experience. The teachers and the courses have taken me out of my comfort zone and continuously challenge me, allowing me to grow and develop. I look forward with optimism and anticipation to the years of study I have left.

Career opportunities

Architectural design, town and urban planning, structural design, construction management, teaching

Recommendations for future students

Be open to new ideas and ways of living. Take every opportunity you can and know that challenge and growth is a good thing. Also, be kind to yourself and to others always.