Samantha Foster

The University of Pécs made me realize that the most important lessons are not learnt inside the classroom, but rather outside by experiencing life itself. The university has taught me so much more than I could have anticipated.

South Africa
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Architecture OTM

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My name is Samantha and I am in my 5th and final year of my OTM Architectural Engineering degree. I enjoy the creative side of my degree and the fact that I am constantly challenged and encouraged to think beyond my limits. I live for the small things in life such as early morning walks, warm coffees, good food, and discovering new places. I look forward to seeing where life will take me next.

Career opportunities

Architectural design, Interior Design, Urban planning, Graphic Design.

Recommendations for future students

Make the most of your time wherever you go. Meet new people, travel as much as you can, make mistakes, learn,  have an open mind, and welcome new opportunities.