Rhea Guttikar

"University of Pecs has been as astounding place to learn and grow as a human being and a student. I hope many other students all around the world get to experience what I have experienced in the past 2 years."

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Dietetics BSc

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My name is Rhea Abhijit Guttikar, from India although I reside in Dubai, UAE. I speak 5 languages that are English, Marathi, Hindi, Arabic, and of course a little Hungarian. I enjoy talking to new people, helping them out in every which way possible. I recently also participated in the Indian country presentation organized by ESN Pécs which was an amazing experience. I’m beyond thrilled to be taking over as an ambassador and helping out whoever wants to join The University of Pécs and have the best time of their lives!

Career opportunities

Dietetics students study a variety of subjects, including food and nutrition sciences, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, anatomy, chemistry, health care management, pharmacology, culinary arts, behavioral social sciences, and communication.
•    Clinical Nutritionist 
•    Community & Public Health. ... 
•    Consulting—Private Practice. ... 
•    Food/Nutrition Business Industry. ... 
•    Foodservice. ... 
•    Management. ... 
•    Research & Education. ... 
•    Sports or Wellness Nutrition.

Recommendations for future students

Leaving my house for the first time where I’ve stayed with my parents my whole life was scary, it always is but coming to The University of Pécs roughly 3 years back was the best decision of my life. Coming here I can guarantee you; you will find people who feel at home away from home. Studying Dietetics can be very challenging and hard at times but the professors here at PTE are very patient and encouraging which makes you want to work harder and harder each day!