Pham Huong Trang

"Grateful to have been given the opportunity to study in Hungary, especially in the University of Pécs, I can not say thank you enough. I learned a lot, travelled a lot, met a lot of new people and had a lot of fun. It is the program, the professors here in Pécs that promote the self-confidence, independent thinking and push each student to be the best of themselves. University of Pécs is great in every possible ways. I know my study here would be one of the most fantastic experience in my whole life."

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Business Administration BSc

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I am an international student falling in love with the University of Pécs, with Hungary. Feel free to ask me any questions about studying in Pécs. I am here to provide you a wealth of information such as how to apply, areas of study open to you and what it’s like living in the city of Pécs to the best of my knowledge. I am sure that Pécs is a place where you will find a warm welcome and life-changing experiences.

Career opportunities

This programme is designed for students who are interested in business studies and want to pursue a business career. The programme is conducted in an innovative way, including not only lectures but case studies, practical exercises and teamwork as well. The programme has a sizeable number of guest lecturers from Europe and the United States. One special feature of the programme is that it is validated by the Middlesex University, London. Upon successful completion of their studies students will obtain two degrees, one Hungarian and one British from Middlesex University, London. Duration of course: 6 semesters (for the Middlesex University Degree) or 7 semesters (for the Hungarian National Degree).

Recommendations for future students

Once choosing the University of Pécs, you will never regret. You need to get ready because a great opportunity to start up and develop your career across the European Union and beyond is coming with the help of our university. The only thing to prepare is your willing to apply, to ask and to study here, in Pécs.