Nurzhan Tursyn

"Hello, I am Nurzhan Tursyn. I am a student of the 3rd year at the BSc in Chemistry. Since, I gained more knowledge over my last year of the high school and two years of the University I started to perform my research."

Form of finance

Study Program
Chemistry BSc

Period of Study
  • Introduction
  • Carrer Opportunities
  • Recommendations for future students

 I’m Nurzhan. I live in Hungary and studying Chemistry at the University of Pécs. Since huge number of international students are studying here, it is incredible feeling to have friends from the whole world. The professors are so kind and helpful in and outside of the class. I am pretty sure that studying here will help you to plan the future and gain perferct experience in the field of studies. 

Career opportunities
  • Further study opportunities for Chemistry MSc, Biotechnology MSc, and later on Chemistry PhD 
  • Research institutes 
  • Higher education institutions 
  • Environment protection companies 
  • Public sector – law and patents 
  • Healthcare 
  • Chemical engineering 
  • Pharmaceutical industry 
  • Industrial chemistry 
  • Food and drink companies 
  • Teaching 
  • Science journalism 
  • Forensic science 
  • Clinical laboratories 
Recommendations for future students

I strongly recommend be always outside of your comfort zone. Studying abroad is the most impactful thing in being a person, you can learn new things or become sure on what you are doing. Pecs is the greatest place to learn new skills and develope old ones. Additionally, University of Pecs is an appropriate place to study chemistry, due to high amount of laboratory work and intelligent professors.