Kenneth Kaunda Kodiyo

"The University of Pecs has given me the opportunity to pursue my Ph.D., in the pursuit of which I have been well accommodated, lecturers and staffs are very friendly and approachable, the residence of Pecs are loving and welcoming"

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Ph.D. Law

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My name is Kenneth Kaunda Kodiyo, a citizen of Kenya and a Ph.D. student at the University of  Pecs. I am a member of the ambassador team for the University of Pecs, a position that I hold dear to me, and very excited to be part of. In Kenya, I am a lawyer and a lecturer at a local University. 

Career opportunities

I am already a lawyer and a lecturer; I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. to be a professor of law and increase my knowledge in the field of law. 

Recommendations for future students

The University of Pecs is a conducive place for one to pursue their studies; the university has dedicated lecturers and non-teaching staff who are always ready to help. The city of Pecs has a welcoming attitude, with friendly citizens; being part of the citizen of the University of Pecs gives you a competing angle in the world market because the University of Pecs is highly ranked not only in Europe but worldwide as well. Therefore, I would highly recommend that you join Pecs university.