Gannatalla Sakr

"For one year, I'm grateful for the professors that I have, they are well prepared with strong background, for the effective curriculum in both theoretical and practical sides, and the international students we meet which makes the cultural exchange."

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Communication and Media Science BA

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Studying abroad was a dream for me, and studying at PTE made it a beautiful dream which came true. I remember how I was smiling, the night I went out to see the city and I was saying to my friends that “I am finally living my dream!”

I say that I am such a lucky person to be here, despite the lovely people always meet in Pecs and the awesome events, I also have great professors who are really helpful, supportive and they have so much experience in their fields.

For my major, I chose Mass Media to be my major to have a free career decision, to experience many careers for a short period, and to have the variety that my field provides. 

And I will be glad if you consider me a friend who you contact whenever you have a question, be sure that I have the answer or I will help you to reach the wanted info.

Career opportunities

Being a Mass Communication and Media student does not only open your eyes to many life experiences, but it also opens more career opportunities either you like the technical jobs such as Journalist (For example, Broadcast journalist, Photojournalist, Sports journalist,..etc) Photographer,
Video/Photo editor, Cameraman, Director, Editor, TV/Radio presenter, Producer, Scriptwriter, Reporter, and location Manager or the Administrative and financial jobs like communication manager, Marketer, PR manager, media planner, media researcher, HR, advertising manager. And with the Mass Communication and Media degree, you have an easier choice to the decision of shifting your career from and to any mentioned job mentioned above.

Recommendations for future students

Pecs turns to be your lovely and warm home once you arrive here. It is calm, peaceful and everyone knows everyone here. While going out you always meet someone you know by chance. The student life here is enjoyable as well since you spend your time with many students who came
from different cultures. If I can give you an advice, I would say go out as much as you can and see people here, don’t hesitate and Push yourself a little to start a conversation with them, the community here is super friendly and they are welcoming the new people!