Fernanda Marx

I am passionate about my life here in Pécs. My passion for the city has even brought me the second place award in the “This is my Hungary” competition, where I was able to show in a short movie my daily life in Hungary. Since I arrived in the city, I have been participating in many extracurricular activities at the university. One of the projects that I am involved is the international recipe book “50 Delicacies on Earth”. I was also a presenter at the Country Presentation of Brazil organized by ESN Pécs, our team was awarded as the best country presentation of the semester. For this new semester I am going to work as a Stipendium Hungaricum mentor and I cannot wait for the incoming events of the semester.

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After studying abroad in four different countries, I never thought I would find a place where I could feel like home, until I met Pécs. Although it has nothing in common with my birthplace Rio de Janeiro, it is unbelievable how the atmosphere of the city makes me feel comfortable. My name is Fernanda, I am an architect and I came all the way from Brazil to do my doctorate research in Hungary. I am passionate about new adventures, I love to know different places and cultures. I have already been to more than twenty countries and I truly believe that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. I am a very easy-going person and I try to take the best of every situation. As an ambassador, I am open to help anyone who is willing to come to University of Pécs to have the best time of their lives! 

Career opportunities

As an architect you can work in so many different fields that it is impossible to write all of them. For example, you can specialize in interior design, landscape design, urban planning, building heritage restoration, visual communication, lightening, construction technologies or management, architecture illustration, scientific research, teaching in academia, etc. In the Architecture program at University of Pécs students are training to apply their knowledge in the areas of architecture and urban planning. 

Recommendations for future students

If we want to find great happiness in life it is necessary to become more committed to our dreams than to our comfort zone. At University of Pécs you will have the opportunity not only to pursue a career, but also to grow as a person. Here you will be able to meet people from all around the world, you will learn new cultures, you will overcome challenges and you will feel invincible! Apart from the amazing experience of living abroad, the university offers a wide range of academic possibilities and a really good infrastructure.