Dimpho Arema Mashile

"I have the most blissful experience with the University of Pecs and the city of Pecs in general. The professors have the expertise and great relationships with students. I love the city, it is cozy, clean, and not crowded. Life is more affordable in Pecs"

South Africa
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Human Resource Counseling MA

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A Human Resources enthusiast, socially aware candidate with a desire for excellence, social impact, and organizational change. Enrolling for Masters of Human Resource Counselling at the University of Pecs was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Professors have the expertise, and they have great relationships with students. When I arrived in Pecs I was humbled by how kind and welcoming people can be, I never thought I would fit in so well. I have made friends from diverse nationalities, and they have introduced me to one of my favorite sports “Badminton” and my favorite game “Laser tag. " I love Pecs.

Career opportunities

Human Resources Counselor, Psychological counselor, Career Consultant, Training and Development Manager, Recruitment specialist, Adult, and vocational studies educator, Researcher, Instructor or University Professors.

Recommendations for future students

The University of Pecs will certainly provide a ground for Personal, Academic, and  Professional development. Moreover, you will get opportunities to serve in the University, do not let such opportunities pass by. Being a student in Pecs will help you to discover yourself more, be open-minded, find new hobbies. Lastly,  studying with students from all over the world, and being away from home can be both exciting and intimidating, but do not let fear, doubt, and insecurities sabotage you, believe in your capabilities.