Diana Seitkanova

Luckily, my experience at the UP cannot be put into 250 characters. There’ve been both ups and downs as in any student’s life. The key ingredients that helped me go through the freshman year were the support and understanding of both teachers and students at the university.

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Study Program
Psychology BA

Period of Study
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  • Recommendations for future students

Hello, world!

I believe in the power of knowledge and philanthropy. Empathy and love are the ultimate tools I strive to use in my everyday life, as well as in dealing with other people.

Studying Psychology has given me means to do what I have always wanted to – get to know the magic behind human mind, perceive the world from different perspectives and work on improving people’s life qualitatively.

I am always happy to share relevant information, answer a question or help out if there are difficulties. Feel free to contact me.

Career opportunities
  • Psychiatrists/Clinical Psychologists
  • Experimental Psychologists/Researchers/Professors
  • Counsellors/Social workers/Coaches/Personal advisers
  • Organizational Psychologists/Human Resources Managers/Market Research Analysts and many more.

The major you pursue does not necessarily determine your future career path.

Recommendations for future students

Student life is one of the most magnifique and vivid times of our life. Minding the fact that the UP facilitates the latter, take the most out of this experience. Be thirsty for knowledge, opportunities and people. Explore novel things out of your comfort zone. You might be amazed by the diversity waiting for you out there. The student body and the staff of the UP are committed to support you in these aspirations.