Daryna Ovsiannikova

"The short glimpse I managed to capture of the University during the first months there left me under a strong impression of vibrant student life within solemn historical walls of the buildings. The international environment is warm and welcoming."

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Psychology BA

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My experiences as an international student at the university of Pécs have been truly unforgettable. Support from the fellow students and professors along our academic journey has grounded a solid base for growth and personal development, and the study programme has opened countless potential future directions for me. The city of Pécs can be very different – according to what YOU are looking for. There is always an opportunity to spend an evening in the city with friends, but there are also times when it feels better to take a quiet stroll along the alleys and parks of Pecs. I truly enjoy this diversity, and you can be sure that whatever it is that makes you happy – you will inevitably find here in Pécs! 

Career opportunities

The future direction of your acedemic journey from the Psychology BA can vary according to your interests in the field. With proper training in Social, Evolutionary, Neurocognitive and Psychoanalytic domains of Psychology, you can either start working after attaining you Bachelor degree, or go on to pursue Masters in the domain of your choice. 
It is important to keep in mind that for some fields of Psychology you will need further training in order to get a job, but the Bachelor programme of the University of Pecs provides you will all the required prerequisites to pursue your passion.

Recommendations for future students

It is crucial to keep your mind open for the new ideas and beliefs that you will inevitably encounter as an international student at the University of Pecs. The city possesses impressive cultural diversity, and in order to make the best out of your experiences here I would definitely advise not to be afraid of opening up to new cultural and social experiences!