Auriana Gowalko

"As a first year BA student, I am just beginning my journey at the University of Pécs, but my first impressions have exceeded my expectations! I'm so impressed by the professionalism of the faculty, the curriculum of my course and the beautiful campus."

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Study Program
International Relations BA

Period of Study
  • Introduction
  • Carrer Opportunities
  • Recommendations for future students

After a decade of living and working in several countries around the world, I decided to turn my international lifestyle into my career by studying International Relations. I have a special interest in Russian foreign policy, and hope to pursue a career in anti corruption advocacy and photojournalism. Before attending university, I spent several years working as a commercial photographer, and I recently obtained my yoga teacher training certification in Croatia. The swing dance class is one of my favourite discoveries at PTE! I'm a voracious reader, a passionate proponent of Stoic philosophy and I love getting involved in the vibrant international community here in Pécs.

Career opportunities

Employability in numerous fields including the NGO sector, international organisations, diplomacy, political analysis, journalism, foreign ministries and much more

Recommendations for future students

You get what you put into your university experience; if you take initiative and participate in the many academic and extracurricular events and activities that are offered by the University of Pécs, you will thrive! The professors are invaluable resources with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom- don't be afraid to connect with them for advice and insight on how to succeed in your field. Lastly, never forget how lucky you are to have the opportunity to obtain an education- it's something that gets taken for granted far too often, and having an attitude of gratitude can really help to reframe your perspective.