Atwine Henrieta

I've met people from across the world ,learnt different cultures. I got one on one interactions with my professors about my projects, become an independent person, made friends , had responsibilities which i thought were hard but have managed them.

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Architecture OTM

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I am an Architecture student from Uganda , and travelling halfway across the world for university is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life, having this experience in University of Pecs is for sure a reason for my amazing adventures. I have got to meet people from all parts of the world and learnt about the different beautiful cultures that exist in the world .I was very excited about this new journey of my life, and i was not disappointed , being thousands of miles away from family and friends is tough but i have got to make lots of friends and some have become family to me.

Career opportunities

There are different careers you can choose to specialise in at the end of your study , in the end you will have many careers to choose from:

  • Architect 
  • Interior and Spatial Designer 
  • Structural Engineer  
  •  Landscape Design
  •  Urban Design
  •  Building Surveyor 
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Historic Building Inspector   
Recommendations for future students

Travelling away from an environment that defines you is hard ,nevertheless even discovering new things makes anywhere home. Studying  Architecture is time consuming and tedious but as a student at University of Pecs , I must say that the Professors are very  caring and encouraging , they take time to help each individual with their proposed designs / projects which I believe has enabled me to learn even more.