Anas Niaz

"As a international student at University of Pécs my experience has been awesome. As per my experience I have found the admission process very smooth and easy going. Visiting various faculties the infrastructure up to international standards."

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Nursing BSc

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Hi, glad that you are viewing my profile. It is my pleasure to study as an international student here in Pécs. Coming here was like a huge step of my life where I had to leave all my family and friends behind but this provided me with an opportunity to recreate myself from scratch but with a whole life experience to move forward. Living with a rule of no first impressions. Hoping to connect with you about any matter and open to provide any suggestions of course to the best of my abilities.

Career opportunities

With the current situation of the health care infrastructure the demand for the medical staff has increased a lot. As Nurses we are to provide the necessary support for both the doctors and the patients. The recent pandemic has put up the demand of Nurses in the spotlight and also the important role they have to play in the medical set-up. Life and world is full of opportunities but it’s just that we have to grab the right one.

Recommendations for future students

You are a whole new world within yourself. It is not necessary that you have to go through the same as ones before you. Everything depends on yourself and your personality which you yourself chose to be. Rather than following a role model try to be one yourself. Each one of us has different destiny and different fate. Keeping the past in mind, working on the present can ensure the success in future.