Amber Martinez

„As an international student at the University of Pécs (UP) Medical School, I have had the opportunity to learn from dedicated, friendly professors, do research in a department of my choosing and gain hands on medical experience at the nearby 400-bed clinic. All while creating life-long friendships with fellow students from around the world. The unique experiences at UP continue to play a vital role in my successful completion of an academically challenging curriculum and my personal development of necessary skills to be a future medical professional."

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General Medicine

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I am a former recipient of the United World College scholarship and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science and Public Health from the University of Miami, Florida. From a young girl, I always dreamed of becoming a doctor. To make my dream a reality, I chose the unique medical program at the University of Pécs. I strongly believe that it only takes “one person to make a difference,” and that through my passion, determination, and drive I can be that difference in my home, my community, and the world.

Career opportunities

Medical Doctor – Family & General Practitioner (and the possibility for specialization after completion)

Recommendations for future students

Not every student is able to tour our university before applying and deciding to attend. If you’re unable to visit the University of Pécs, I encourage you to review the University of Pécs website and Study in Pécs Hungary Facebook page. Check out our videos, in some cases you may even find an Open Day or Virtual tour of the Faculty you are interested in. These tools can help you know if you’re making the right decision. Also, feel free to reach out to me to hear about my experiences or any of the other International Student Ambassadors, we are here to answer all your questions. 
Personally, I did not visit Hungary beforehand, but having lived and studied abroad in the past, I arrived eager to embark on a new adventure and achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. So far I have had an amazing experience and if I had to do it again, I would do it the very same way!