Mesa Rose Matthews

So far, my experience at the University has been absolutely amazing. My professors and curriculum have assured me that social work is the major for me. I am, active in the community, and have made friends from all over the world.

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Social Work BA

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My life as an international undergrad studying at the University of Pecs is filled to the brim with adventure, knowledge, culture and friendships. I am currently studying for my second year and am eager to uncover the abundant unknowns through my classes, conversations and via exploration of European lands and their customs. Moving abroad to pursue an international degree has its challenges, especially during a time when the world is coping with the most monumental pandemic of our time, but at the University of Pecs I am never alone. I receive unlimited support from my professors, friends and family back home which together gives me the confidence I need to see the bright side of life while simultaneously fills me with a passion to help others see it too.

Career opportunities

The available opportunities with a BA degree in Social Work are vast and enticing. Depending on what specific direction you choose to go with your degree, you can help improve the lives of children, women, marginalized people, the elderly, individuals living with addiction and other persons in need of social assistance. Social work positions may be offered by state or local governments, international NGOs as well as both small-scale and global institutions.

Recommendations for future students

My highest recommendation to all students whether they be actively abroad or pondering the idea is to please never let the unknown limit you. It is common for overthinking to cause doubt of one's abilities and prospects but with patience and a solid support system, you can do it.  Overtime, you will realize that you are more capable than you could have ever imagined and can make whatever dream you may have into a reality.