Officially Clinical: White Coat Ceremony



Celebratory gatherings have a tremendous positive impact and they can certainly make a difference in elevating student motivation. Such events bring a sense of personal courage; boost their self-esteem as well as their confidence. These important milestones, such as the White Coat Ceremony organized on 16 September at the Dr. Romhányi György Aula of the Medical School, University of Pécs are a great way to celebrate the accomplishment of academic excellence. Luckily, the University of Pécs, established in 1367 as the first university in Hungary, values the efforts of students, and aims to give graduates of high potential to this world every year.



The Fourth Annual White Coat Ceremony has been organized by the EGSC (English and German Student Council), officially marking the end of the basic module and the beginning of clinical studies for the medical students of Pécs. After successfully completing two years of medical studies, 400 third year students were presented with their own white coats decorated with the school logo from dean Prof. Dr. Miklós Nyitrai thereby welcoming them into a more practical part of their studies i.e. the clinical practice.



At the Medical Faculty you could see cheered up faces of future doctors, students fast pacing towards the great hall of the building, certain students had their siblings to cheer for their big day as well. The ground floor was arranged with chairs for the celebrated students all seated perfectly in their formal attires waiting in anticipation for their names to be called. At the front dean, vice-deans, chief guests and other professors were seated to address the students. The event was held in English, German and Hungarian to dissolve major language barriers. From the second floor balcony, numerous students stood to appreciate and clap for their fellow colleagues upon receiving their coats. It seemed like an arena from the top floor and everything seemed flawless.



Vice-deans Dóra Reglődi, Tamás Tényi and László Czopf along with the Vice President of the Clinical Centre: Dóra Endrei also addressed the students in both Hungarian and English to congratulate them on their hard work and success reaching this important milestone. They also advised the students to stay focused for greater upcoming challenges. To acquaint the students with their upcoming departments, challenges and professors, they were introduced to the directors of major clinics, institutes and professors in charge of the 3rd year students.



Every time a student was called on stage and received the white coat, the crowd burst into applause and roars to cheer their peers. It took about an hour for all the students to receive their coats. The whole event was, even for an observer, motivating and uplifting. This ceremony further strengthened my belief that great things happen out of our comfort zones. Medicine is without doubt one of the most time and effort consuming course of studies but as they say, hard work pays off. I salute these students and thoroughly respect them with all my heart since University of Pécs offers one of the most intensive and extensive Medical programs internationally recognized and being able to clear the basic module required for a celebration. All and all it was just one of those days when I was again proud of being part of the University of Pécs and I plan to deliver no less than bring laurels to my institute. I ask all my fellow mates to stay focused, aim higher and work hard to achieve your dreams even if you are the only one who sees the bigger picture. Great things await you outside your comfort zone. Good luck!



Written by: Fatimah Majid Malik, student journalist, UnivPécs

Photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs