How to get help if you get sick

Who can international students seek if they get sick during the state of emergency?

GP services are free-of-charge for UP international students at the UP Centre for Occupational Health and Safety during the state of emergency, according to the unanimous decision of the UP Operative Crew.

“Please keep in mind to only see the GP if really necessary, considering the epidemic.

Always call +36 30 867 3315 for an appointment before seeing the GP.”

- says Dr. Antal Tibold, head of the UP Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, adding that:

 “The most important thing now is to

stay safe, which requires you to comply with the instructions and pay thorough attention to hygiene.

Wash your hands often, mind where you cough, avoid handshakes and kisses when meeting someone.

It is critical to avoid unnecessary risks. We ask all international students not to go in communities, avoid personal contact.

Only go outside in the most essential cases.

Avoid using public transportation if you can; and keep 1 meter in the line at the grocery store.

If you are afraid of being infected with coronavirus: showing signs of fever, upper respiratory disease, shortness of breath, then call the number given. Telephone pre-screening can protect students from many unnecessary errands. So:

do not go to the GP, make a call first! +36 30 867 3315.”

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