The University of Pécs is delighted to offer its COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM to Indonesian students! Made specifically for the IISMAVO program, this one-semester vocational training programme is hosted by the University of Pécs, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Community and Social Studies, and will take place from September to December of 2022. This program provides an opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom with supervised practice in the field.

Intensity: 100 acedemic hours (100X45 mins) / 4 months (in September, October, and November, December)

The student is required to spend these 100 hours at the same NGO for an in-depth experience. All the NGO-s of are very experienced in working with international students.

Placements options:

Pécs Community Foundation: working for sustainable development goals in the city

Retextil Foundation: community art for community development purposes and for social reintegration  

Élmény-Tár Tanoda: working for the equality of chances, promoting the welfare and wellbeing of children living in poverty.


Courses (4x30 academic hours/semester):

Supervision, Evaluation, and Leadership
Students’ field experience is accompanied by team supervision. Students can discuss their experiences and reflect on their own professional development. Supervision helps the professionals identify and develop their own strengths. During this course students learn how to communicate more effectively and how to collaborate with others; how to solve conflicts in a fair and constructive way; and evaluate their own professional activities. Students are also familiarized with main ideas of leadership psychology.

Reflective Communication Skills Training
The goal of the course is to improve students’ reflective skills, cultural competency, and empathy. Students acquire skills in reflective-dialogic communication and mentalization through experiential learning (analysing interactions, case simulations, exercises etc.) Transformative-dialogic approaches are introduced to facilitate reflections on cultural practices and interpersonal communication patterns. Methods include group exercises and shared reflections, photo elicitation technique and reflective portrait exercises.

Community development
The course is an introduction into the theory and methods of community development. Students are familiarized with the international history of community development.
Theoretical foundations of the area (as systems theory, relational responsibility, theories of change/social change, network theory and social capital) are discussed. Practices to develop community capacities are evaluated with respect to their potentials to facilitate networking, social inclusion, citizen participation, the development of social justice and trust; and how all these contribute to build a resourceful social context.  Students are enabled to assess a local community by employing developmental research methods; to enter into dialogue with a specific community; to identify and enable potential leaders of a local community so that they could determine their goals and promote change; to strengthen local collaborations and facilitate the formation of alliances among local actors and promote intergenerational co-operation.

Volunteering can be an excellent resource and it has an immense role to maintain and develop social cohesion. Students are introduced into the main concepts related to volunteering (e.g., traditional and contemporary forms; reciprocal benefits etc.), techniques of volunteer management (such as motivation, selection, training, feedback, liabilities) In the second part of the course students visit different NGOs (other than their placements) that regularly work with volunteers and ask them about their experiences. Students are required to write a reflective journal as a conclusion of the course. 



Supervision, Evaluation, and Leadership: 7 ECTS (Explanation: This course is closely connected to placement activities. Credits for 100 hours placement: 3.5 ECTS. Credits for supervision and leadership theories: 3.5 ECTS)
Reflective Communication Skills Training: 5 ECTS (classes+ workshop on the use of photo and video methods in community-based projects)
Community development: 5 ECTS (classes + workshop on corporate social responsibility)
Volunteering: 5 ECTS (classes + workshop on corporate social responsibility)

Altogether: 22 ECTS

Invited lecturers’ presentations
Monthly events hosted by the Department of Community and Social Studies. These events comprise a one-hour lecture and a two-hour joint workshop.
Themes include:
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Use of photo and video methods in community-based projects
Therapeutic communities (TCs) and recovery movements



Are you interested in spending the 2022 fall semester in Europe with the help of the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards program?
Choose the University of Pécs in Hungary as your host institution!
Easily transferrable credits, dormitory placement and Transcript of Records after successful completion of the selected courses. 

Available courses for the Mobility Program:

If you click on the program name you can download the detailed syllabi:

Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection​​​​​​

Social Development

Intercultural Communication

Information and Communication Technology Law in EU and in Hungary

Reflective Communication Skills Training


Organizational Behaviour

International Business Communication

The Art of Writing and Presenting

International Business

Domestic and International Practices of Social Policy

Introduction to Social Communication

Introduction to Film Studies

Introduction to the Ancient Greek and Roman World

The EU in International Affairs

Tourism Geography

Tourism Management

Global Education

The Cultural Heritage of Pécs

EU Environmental Policy and Law

You can view the course codes by clicking here.

Entry requirements:
Academic: no minimum GPA requirement
English language: IELTS: 5.5 / TOEFL iBT: 72 / Duolingo English Test: 110

More information can be found here:
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This is what our wonderful IISMA 2021 awardee students have to say about the University of Pécs:

'I am so grateful for the fact that I get the chance to stay here in Pécs even if it's just for a semester. The courses, the environment, the people, are wonderful. I like walking around the city of Pécs, either it's alone or with my friends because the city is so safe. I love the calming and homey feeling Pécs has been giving me. The lecturers of my courses here in Pécs are also kind and caring, they have been so willing to help me go through any difficulties.'

'What I like the most is the ambience in the whole city of Pécs and how welcome everyone is about our time we spend in the university even though we are just an exchange student.'

'I would recommend them for an amazing diverse culture exposure with plenty of events at Pècs city. They also got amazing lecturer that will help the students grow.'

'I love to study peacefully, and Pécs has it! On the other hand, everything you need to eat right here is totally affordable for us as the students. Another thing is the courses in University of Pécs are cool with amazing lecturers.'

'All of the professors are kind and smart. I really like their attitude because they respect the students opinion.'

'I like how the professor are giving the students so many opportunity to speak their mind and to give opinion in class so it's a 2 way communication and everything that I learned are analysis based not just theory.'

'The lecturers are highly qualified, yet fun to learn from. The international office are really helpful, making our study convenient and effective.'

'I like how the professors are giving the students so many opportunity to speak their mind and to give opinion in class so it's a 2 way communication and everything that I learned are analysis based not just theory.'

'University of Pécs is never left the awardees struggling alone. They are always responsive, helpful, and facilitate us with everything.'

'There is no other universities that care for their students this much as University of Pécs!'

A question to the IISMA awardees: If you think of the University of Pécs, what is the first word that comes to your mind?



HUNGARIAN DIASPORA SCHOLARSHIP - For students with Hungarian roots (FALL 2022)

Interested in studying in Europe for free? Apply now for the part-time or full-time programs of the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship and spend a semester or a year at the University of Pécs, Hungary!
Explore your Hungarian heritage while learning in one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

While studying at the University of Pécs, you will have the chance to
- discover the thousand-year-old Hungarian history and culture
- experience unique Hungarian traditions
- enhance your Hungarian language skills
- strengthen your Hungarian identity

The scholarship covers: Tuition fee waiver, medical insurance, monthly stipend (upon request), contribution to accommodation costs (upon request), travel reimbursement (over 8.000 km).

More information about the scholarship:

List of Hungarian delegations:

Apply now and reboot your roots in Hungary!
Application deadline: January 31, 2022

For more information, please visit the program’s website:
Or contact Mr. Bence Kónya at 
Apply now and spend your 2022 fall study abroad semester or the whole academic year at the University of Pécs in Hungary!

Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship


BILATERAL STATE SCHOLARSHIP for PARTIAL/SEMESTER studies (Academic year 2021/2022)

to conduct semester or academic year-long studies in Hungary in 2021/22

Based on the financial support of the Hungarian Government, Tempus Public Foundation in Hungary offers scholarships for foreign higher education students who would like to gain further knowledge and experience in Hungarian higher education institutions.

Available scholarship type: partial/semester studies (3-10 months)
Available for: bachelor, master or doctoral students
Areas of study: Business, Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Music and Visual Arts, Health and Natural Sciences, Law, Architecture and Engineering
Applicants for semester/academic year-long studies can apply for programs held in English language (or in Hungarian).
Financial provisions: tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend
Deadline of application: February 25, 2021
Eligibility: being enrolled in a higher education institution. The enrolled status is necessary at the moment of application.

More information in the Call for Application:

Click HERE to reach the User’s Guide for the Online Application System!

Apply now and spend your study abroad semester/year at the University of Pécs, Hungary!

Bilateral State Scholarship