Udmurt Day - International Spring 2019

The Udmurts is the second biggest Finno-Ugric minority in the Russian Federation!


19 March - Udmurt Day



17:00  Knowledge Centre 
Ethnographic photo exhibition by Miklós Demeter – „Udmurt landscape, people”



Nappali  Kávézó
19:00 Lecture by Suntcova Ekaterina, Udmurt native speaker at University of Szeged
The lecture gives a short introduction to the world of the Udmurts, one of the language relatives of the Hungarians. It will be an opportunity to know more about the songs, dances, the cuisine and other curiosities of the Udmurts.

20:00 Gajtan concert (Udmurt Folk Music) 
First time in Pécs!

21:30 Jean-Christophe Giraud, colleague of Alliance Francaise Pécs, plays european dance music till lights out




Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 17:00