Buddy program

ESNbuddy is a project within Erasmus Student Network which is supported by the International Centre of the University. Its main aim is to reinforce one of Erasmus Network fundamental values: “students helping students”.

With this, we can improve the way in which we implement the concept throughout the network by continually innovating to set a standardized, high-quality student support service. By doing so, ESN will become the first contact point for exchange and it will also help to unify and standardize the level of support we provide the students with.

Phase I - Recruitment
It all starts with recruiting the buddies. ESN Pécs Buddy Network is growing continuously in number, last semester we had the most candidates ever: it was over 120 people who applied. After the application there is a short Skype interview so we can decide the acceptance by the performance.

Phase II - Matching
Matching of buddies and exchange students is the topic that arouses almost everyone. As we not only in charge of the Erasmus students  but several other scholarships (Stipendium Hungaricum, Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People etc.) We have plenty of students to pair up, last semester we had over 600 incoming students.

Phase III – Training
We have the training before semester starts and before the new incoming students arrive. We gather and the buddies get familiar with their duties and all the important information they need to know. This is also a good opportunity to the buddies to get to know each other, as they will „work together” during the semester so they can rely on each other freely.

Phase IV - First contact
The first contact between a buddy and an exchange student is essential, as the newcomers are going to gain their first impressions of city and the university by the ESN buddies. It’s not only about giving advice via email or Facebook, it’s also about the pick them up from the train station and the help during the first and hardest days. It’s all about making this first contact the start of a beautiful friendship.

Phase V - Engagement
Engaging buddies is important so they are invited into activities alongside exchange students to broaden the horizons of local students and to actually form a community around exchange programs at the university.

If you need any further information, or you are just interested in our program please contact:

Andor Kovács
HR Manager
Erasmus Buddy Network Coordinator
+36 20/612-4446