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Self-Management Training

Personal Development Training



June 26 – June 28, 2017


Join our Personal Development training if you would like to learn about yourself, to be able to identify your strength and values, build and communicate your personal brand. The training will also help you improve your communication and debate skills and will teach you how to enter the job market successfully.

Program description

Today’s graduates are entering a highly competitive, at times discriminatory and generally uncertain labor market. Overall reform-resisting trends of secondary as well as higher education, and their mismatch with labor market needs, result in skill gaps that are blamed on the fresh graduates seeking employment. This course seeks to remedy these skill gaps, by offering students concrete self- , peer- and interpersonal management skills.


The course is for students who are looking to:

-          learn about themselves, identify their strength and values

-          build and communicate their personal brand

-          improve their communication and debate skills

-          learn how to enter the job market successfully


The participants will exit this course with:

  • Increased self-esteem in everyday life and entering the labor market;
  • Clear personal branding strategy;
  • Improved public speaking, rhetoric  and argumentation skills;
  • Enhanced critical thinking ability;
  • Conflict resolution & communication techniques.
  • Polished and improved CV & cover letter
  • Techniques for successful job interview 


The course will help you analyze your skills and qualities and will give you a guideline for how to develop strategies and tactical action plans for personal and professional development and success.


On completion of the training you will be able to:

-          present and sell yourself and your work
-          handle difficult situations with greater certainty in your decisions
-          compose an elevator pitch which can be used in an interview or in networking situations
-          enter interview situations with a higher degree of confidence and preparedness
-          stand out from the crowd, from your competitors on the labor market


Through case studies and interactive exercises you will gain a broader and deeper understanding of yourself, your own personality, strength and weaknesses and you will develop your own personal brand. You will learn how to communicate effectively, how to define and reach your goals, how to argue your standpoint with conviction. After the training you will return to your studies with newfound confidence and an action plan for your future success.


Social programs

welcome party, night city tour, karaoke party




Who should apply

Undergraduate and graduate students


Earned credits: 3 ECTS credits


Language of instruction: English


Housing: Dormitory placement


Program fee: 99 EUR


Program fee includes:

course fee+ attendance on social programs, but does not include accommodation


Organizing unit: Centre for International Relations


Application deadline: 1 April, 2017


How to apply:

Please fill in the application form that you find here.