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Why should you study in Pécs? Read about the daily life of a U.S. study abroad student 

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And here is what former international students of ours had to say about our university and their staying with us:


'Beautiful campus, great accommodations in the dorms, and extremely helpful and motivated staff.'


'You feel as though Pécs is your home from the moment you arrive and makes it hard to leave.'


'There seems to be a cultural explosion going on in Pécs. There are always great festivals and museum expos.'


'I think Hungary is a great choice for foreigners because of its incredibly unique culture. The language and cuisine are so different and both are fun to try.'


'My stay in Pécs was a life-changing experience, the friendships I made will last a lifetime, and the cultural experience is something I'll always treasure'


'You can travel trains and plains!...Their money is cute!...The buildings are amazing!... The baths are relaxing and a good group activity!...Don’t forget your camera!'




You can also watch the following videos to hear why our international students chose our university:


And these are the first thoughts that our international students share about Pécs: