Student Testimonials

Why should you study in Pécs? Read about the daily life of a U.S. study abroad student 

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And here is what former international students of ours had to say about our university and their staying with us:


  • 'Beautiful campus, great accommodations in the dorms, and extremely helpful and motivated staff.'


  • 'You feel as though Pécs is your home from the moment you arrive and makes it hard to leave.'


  • 'There seems to be a cultural explosion going on in Pécs. There are always great festivals and museum expos.'





  • 'I think Hungary is a great choice for foreigners because of its incredibly unique culture. The language and cuisine are so different and both are fun to try.'


  • 'My stay in Pécs was a life-changing experience, the friendships I made will last a lifetime, and the cultural experience is something I'll always treasure'


  • 'You can travel trains and plains!...Their money is cute!...The buildings are amazing!... The baths are relaxing and a good group activity!...Don’t forget your camera!'





  • 'My favorite thing about Pécs is the people you meet and the adventures you have, you always have a friend to do something with and a new place to travel to’


  • ’The University of Pécs has been able to help me turn my dreams into reality. There is a very strong international student community and I now have friends from all over the world. ’


  • ‘The staff is thoroughly devoted to the international students, if I need anything I know I can reach out for help anytime day or night.’





  • ’I am a full time working student and value is important to me so I wanted to get the most out of my money and the affordability of living here let me do so’


  • ‘One of the main reasons I chose this University was because of the affordability of the program. With all of the money you save you can travel throughout Europe on the weekends.’


  • ‘The transition into the University of Pécs was easy for me due to the unwavering dedication from the staff.’ 


  • ‘It’s an amazing home away from home’

The quotations are from U.S. study abroad students.





You can also watch the following videos to hear why our international students chose our university:


And these are the first thoughts that our international students share about Pécs:

















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