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Specialization in Complex Social Services

Faculty:  Faculty of Humanities
Certificate:  Postgraduate Certificate in Complex Social Services
Duration of training: 2 semesters
Language of instruction: English
Head of the programme: Dr. Gábor SZÖLLŐSI


Description of the programme:  

The objective of the training, by relying on the previous qualifications of the professional, is to train specialists who have competencies in the development and running of social services and the related complex services both in the public sector and in the market and nonprofit sector.  


Core areas of the training and the respective credits: 

  • Introductory courses:
    • Social issues and social services 
    • Structure and functions of social and complex services


  • Advanced courses:
    • Reflective thinking and practice 
    • Public policy issues of social and connected services 
    • Structure and analysis of social and complex services 
    • Developmental programs 
    • Organizing and running social and complex services 
    • Workshop 
    • Research and project work 
    • Reflective field practice 


  • Basic competencies:
    • Identifying actors in the provision of services; organizing their collaboration 
    • Identifying social needs and organizing public participation 
    • Organizing service systems and preparing special policy decisions 
    • Ensuring constant operation of the service system
    • Evaluating and assuring quality of the service system; service system developments 



Basic study methodologies:

    • reflective, 
    • and (differently in the different modules) experience-based, problem-based, exploratory-constructivist and project-based teaching 


Basic knowledge:

    • Models of public task organization. Implementation of the models. Biological, psychological, sociological and legal factors grounding the needs for social and other services of general interest. 
    • Special policy issues of social and the related other services (planning; special policy decisions; special policy programs; assessing social needs and/or market demands) 
    • The system of social and the related other services (domestic and foreign systems, legal, public administrative, organizational and other aspects; tasks of the service system) 
    • Sectorial, regional, national and European context for the services of general interest (sectorial division a labor and collaboration, models of regional division of labor, comparing national systems, European policies and prescriptions). 
    • Organizing social services of general interest and organizing and running complex services (service and organizational models, the role of service users and professionals in the service systems, standardization and quality assurance in services, controlling and managing service systems and organizations, measuring performance and impact, cooperation and coordination, individual level service management).  



The modular organization of the training is harmonized with basic knowledge areas. 

The program is a part-time study program.


Application requirements:

  • Candidates applying for admission to non-degree studies should possess bachelor or equivalent/higher degree in Humanities, Social Science, Economy, Law, Administration, Medical & Health Studies and Education.
  • Application form
  • CV in English
  • transcript of academic record
  • receipt for payment of application fee
  • copy of passport


Admission examination Deadline for application Tuition fee Application fee
language test and motivation interview July 30 EUR 1000 per semester EUR 140



Application form


For more information, please contact: 

Ildikó BÓTA

Phone: 72/503-600/23530



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