How can I transfer to another major at UP or to another university in Hungary?

According to Tempus Public Foundation’s (TPF) Stipendum Hungaricum (SH) Operational Regulations:


IV.7.1. The host institution and/or the majors within the institution can be changed only once after submitting a special student request. The deadline of submitting the requests to TPF is 15 January and 15 August in every academic year.

IV.7.2 Institutions can be changed only at the end of the semester, so that the scholarship holder could start the next semester in the new institution (or at the new study programme).

IV.7.3 Majors can be changed only within one year after beginning the studies leading to a university degree. The request – if it is relevant – must also include the extension of the studies with the scholarship. The allocation decision regarding the student at his/her entry to the programme and after the preparatory programme cannot be altered by the student’s request to change institutions or majors, except point III.3.15. It is not possible to change study programmes/institutions or the language of instruction within part-time studies.

IV.7.4 The teaching language can be changed only in exceptional cases from Hungarian to a foreign language, as fairness on individual basis with the approval of TPF. For students who are participating in a Hungarian language preparatory course it is only possible to change the language of instruction after the end of the preparatory course.


IV.7.5 Documents to be submitted for changing institutions and/or majors:

1. A printed request signed by the student,

2. A letter of acceptance by the future host institution,

3. A written statement (approval) by the present institution;

4. A written statement by the sending partner (this is the approval of the partner authority in your home country – look for their contact information here:


The student must submit the request for changing institutions and/or majors with the compulsory annexes to TPF’s Study in Hungary Unit (look for the appointed TPF colleague online at:

IV.7.6 The change of institutions and/or majors is judged by the SH Unit based on the submitted documents, the cooperation programmes in effect (please, check the availability of your new study programme here: and the available funds from the central budget. Requests which are not in line with the cooperation programmes in effect or are not backed by the sending partner cannot be supported, except if the sending partner is inaccessible for 30 days.

IV.7.7 The scholarship holder must seek a new programme or higher education institution and gather the required documents on his/her own. The costs of the preparation and the submission of the student request for changing institutions and/or majors and the process of changing institutions and/or majors (e.g. administration fees of the institution) are exclusively incurred by the student.

IV.7.8 Students cannot appeal after the decision is made on the request for changing institutions and/or majors.

The change of study programme can be considered as final only if it is approved by TPF in writing!


Any change of institution or department without the approval of TPF may result in the withdrawal of the scholarship!