University of Pécs

International programmes


Pre-departure checklist

  • Passport: Make sure you have a valid passport. Your passport should not expire less than 90 days of your return to your home country.

  • Student visa:Apply for a student visa, if necessary. Here you can learn more about visa requirements. 

  • Plane ticket: Confirm your programme’s start and end dates and book your plane ticket.

  • Housing: Take a look at the accommodation facilities offered by the University of Pécs and choose what you like.

  • Health insurance: Investigate options for comprehensive health insurance for your time in Hungary. A full coverage general health insurance for Hungary is a prerequisite for registration at any faculty of the University of Pécs. For more information, please visit this page: Health insurance

  • Physical examination:Have a physical exam at least four weeks before departure and if appropriate, have a dental exam as well. It is a good idea to discuss with your doctor any concerns as they relate to your health abroad, including plans for taking medical prescriptions overseas if needed.

  • Emergency contacts:Make a list about your travel and emergency contacts and information. When you have identified your emergency contact person(s) in Hungary, you can update your list.

  • Copies of documents:Take copies of your passport, visa (if applicable) and the health insurance card you will be using abroad with you and keep in a safe place, separated from your original documents.

  • Creditcards: Credit cards, especially Visa, MasterCard and American Express, are widely accepted in Hungary, and you'll be able to use them at many restaurants, shops, hotels, car-rental firms, travel agencies and petrol stations. 

  • Banking and Currency: Find out what fees your bank and banks in Hungary charge for transactions and plan to bring several forms of funds with you (i.e. credit cards, travellers checks, cash, etc). Consult currency conversion websites for currency exchange information before and while traveling:

  • Research: Research Hungary, Pécs and any other places abroad where you plan to travel during your time away and read up on current social, political and economic issues of Hungary as well as your own country.

  • Communication while abroad: Discuss with your family and friends how often you will stay in touch with them while abroad. Give your parents copies of your passport as well and share information such as your flight itinerary and the local in-country contact and phone number(s). Consider setting up a Skype account,

  • Packing advice: Pack clothes for layering, guide book(s), language dictionary (if applicable), battery powered alarm clock, backpack with lock, camera, rain coat and small familiar things such as photographs about your family.

  • Housing: Make sure you have secured housing and know where to go upon arrival.