Cost of living

The costs of a stay in Hungary have generally been considered low by European standards. To be able to pay your rent, buy proper food and afford an occasional evening out, you need a minimum of HUF 120,000 (≈EUR 400).


Here is a list of essentials to get an idea of prices:


FOOD a meal in the university canteen HUF 700-1,500 ≈ EUR 2.2-5
a meal in a restaurant HUF 2,000-5,000 ≈ EUR 6.5-16
one litre of milk EUR 0.7
one bottle of beer HUF 250-450 ≈ EUR 0.8-1.5
one bottle of red wine HUF 900-2,500 ≈ EUR 3-8
one litre of bottled water HUF 100–150 ≈ EUR 0.3-0.5
one loaf of bread HUF 200 ≈ EUR 0.7
TRANSPORT one litre of petrol HUF 350-400 ≈ EUR 1.1-1.3
a monthly bus pass for students HUF 3,475 ≈ EUR 11.25
a single ticket (bus) HUF 300 ≈ EUR 1 (or HUF 400 ≈ EUR 1.3 from the bus driver)
a one-way train IC ticket to Budapest with a student discount HUF 2,635 ≈EUR 8.5
a taxi ride within city limits HUF 900-1,500 ≈ EUR 3-5   (depending on the distance)
one-way shuttle transport from the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport to Pécs HUF 8,800-HUF 9,900 ≈ EUR 28-32 (depending on the company and the number of passengers)
ENTERTAINMENT entrance fee for a party HUF 0-5000 ≈ EUR 0-16
a cinema ticket HUF 850 – 1,800 ≈ EUR 2.8-5.8 (student discount is available)
a theatre ticket HUF 2,000-3,500 ≈ EUR 6.5-11 (student discount is available)
swimming pool The Pollack Swimming Pool is free for the students of the University, other swimming pools: HUF 820-2200 ≈ EUR 2.7-7.1
ice skating with a student discount HUF 900 ≈ EUR 3
OTHER renting a flat per month HUF 50,000-150,000 ≈ EUR 161-485 (depending on the location and the number of tenants)
library card free for students

Get used to understanding the prices in Hungarian Forints (HUF, or locally Ft). Forint bills come in 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500 HUF notes, coins are 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 HUF. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) are usually accepted in malls, city centre restaurants and shops. Always check doors for logos of the credit card companies that are accepted in a particular shop. ATMs (cash machines) are widely available.