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MA in Choral Conducting

Name of the Faculty: Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, Institute of Music
Degree: Master of Arts in Choral Conducting 
Duration of training: 4 semesters (120 ECTs)
Language of instruction: English
Head of the program: Prof. Dr. Tamás Lakner 


Description of the programme: 

The activity of choral conductors holding a degree belongs to the field of choral art. It involves forming new ensembles, leading different types of choirs, actual conducting work. Basically it means to head and manage the artistic work of a choir in the long term with high efficiency. In choral work choral conductors can use their theoretical knowledge, their vocal and partly their instrumental abilities as well. They will be prepared to play an active role in the nourishing choral culture. 

Besides general music theory and music history classes, the training will introduce students to the technique of choral conducting as well as to theoretical and practical issues related to the human voice, voice formation and maintenance, the history of choral music, repertoire, different styles and all the related know-how in all branches of choir music. Choral conducting and learning it at a high level requires personal skills, artistic sensitivity, having a good ear, knowledge of music and, most of all, the individual’s singing culture and knowledge about chamber music.



Admission requirements: 

All credits are accepted if the applicant has a BA degree in Performing Arts, specialized in Orchestra or Choral Conducting, or has a university level degree (as per the Law Nr. 80 of 1993 on Higher Education) in Orchestral or Choral Conducting, or a college level degree in Music Theory and Solfège Teaching, Choral Conducting, or Wind Orchestra Conducting.

BA degrees that can be acceptable provided the applicant obtains certain credits include: other specializations of BA in Performing Arts, all specializations of Creative Arts and Musicology, and other programmes, belonging to the study field of Arts, that lead to MA degrees in Music, and, any college or university level programmes, as per the Law Nr. 80 of 1993 on Higher Education that are accepted by the decision of the Credit Trasfer Committee of the Higher Education Institution in the credit transfer procedure when teaching contents are compared. 

When prior studies are examined by the Committee for assessing the number of credits needed for admission, defined by the Law on Higher Education, it is a requirement that the applicant has at least 50 credits in Music Theory, Music History, and Solfège.

It is a condition of admission that the applicant has at least 20 credits in the above mentioned fields of study. Missing credits have to be obtained parallel with completing the courses of the MA programme within two semesters after admission, as per the study regulations of the Higher Education Institution.


Application procedure:

Sending the completed application form, the required documents and portfolio for professorial judgment to the following e-mail adress:


Location of the education: Hungary, Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos út.16. 7630


Deadline for application Tuition fee Application fee Registration fee
July 31 EUR 3,000 per semester EUR 100 USD 200


 Application form

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Beáta SERES

International Relations Coordinator