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Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship MSc



Faculty: Faculty of Business and Economics
Degree: Master of Science in Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship
Duration of training: 4 semesters 
Language of instruction: English



Description of the program:

The enterprise development major enables students to engage with the theory of entrepreneurship in relation to how it is practised in Hungary, Europe and also internationally.

In the first phase of their studies students may acquire a theoretical foundation in regional economics, business administration and methodologies that can be easily applied during the second, practice oriented phase of their studies. Students of the program become qualified for further PhD studies.

An advanced understanding of business and enterprise development, consciously developed managerial skills make our MSc students able to launch their own enterprises or find middle or senior managerial employment in various fields of national and international business life. Graduates may also be able to manage projects for either state or privately owned enterprise developing institutions, venture-capital companies, and financial institutions.





Deadline for application Starting date Tuition fee Application fee Registration fee
November 30 February 2,900 EUR per semester (for non-EU students); 395,000 HUF (for EU students) EUR 100 771-1524 EUR (depending on the number of students)






For more information, please contact:

Ms. Gabriella KOHLMANN
International coordinator
Phone: +36 72 501 599 /23372