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Electrical Engineering BSc

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Duration of training: 7 semesters (full-time training)
Language of instruction: English



Description of the program:

Future electrical/electronic engineers study here, who will solve high quality tasks in the field of design, manufacture and operation of electric and electronic appliances, equipment and facilities. This qualification ensures competence for performing measurement, evaluation, control and management tasks in the field of electricity. Apart from learning the bases of electrical and electronic engineering within the frame of the study at our institution the students will become members of a technology society involving them in complex projects and developments already during the university years.

Electrical Engineers owning complex knowledge are now mostly wanted in Europe. Companies acting in the most dynamically developing industry field on the Earth ranging from nuclear power plants to microelectronic companies, from small-scale teams to multi-continental firms are waiting for you.


Examples of subjects during these studies: 

  • Metrology
  • Electronics
  • Digital Circuits
  • Control Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Microelectronic Systems
  • Electric Energy Converters
  • Electric Equipment Operation
  • Building Informatics
  • Embedded Programming
  • Autonomous Intelligent Systems
  • Microcomputers


      • Electrification and Automation of Facilities 
      • Embedded Microcomputer Systems 



Deadline for application Starting date Tuition fee Application fee
July 15 September USD 3300 per semester USD 100




For more information, please contact:

Ms. Ildikó HORVÁTH
Department of Automation
Operative Responsible of Program
Phone: +36 72 503 650/23856