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Hungarian Cuisine



Hungary is famous for its wine. The best and most traditional wine-tasting places can be found in Villány, Tokaj, Eger and the area of Lake Balaton. In Hungary, a popular drink mixed from wine and soda water is varying proportions is called ‘fröccs’.


Pálinka is typically Hungarian. It is a really strong brandy from local grown fruits, the most famous are apricot, plum, pear and cherry. You can buy it is shops but if you want to taste the ‘real’ pálinka, you should ask your Hungarian friends for home-made pálinka.


Hungary is not so famous for its beer, but there are some Hungarian brands, such as Borsodi, Soproni, Dreher and Aranyászok. Pécs has a beer factory, its famous beer is Szalon and Radler which is fruit flavoured beer.


Unicum is a Hungarian herbal liquer or bitters, drunk as a digestif and apéritif. The liqueur is today produced by Zwack according to a secret formula of more than forty herbs; the drink is aged in oak casks. Unicum is regarded as one of the national drinks of Hungary. It can be found at almost every supermarkets.


Goulash soup

The Hungarian dish what all people know. It is a soup made of beef pieces, carrots, celery, potatoes and paprika.


Palacsinta is a stuffed pancake with sweet (cottage cheese, nuts, cocoa or jam) and salty (meat, cheese) filling. The traditional palacsinta called Gundel palacsinta which is stuffed with nuts, chocolate and cream.


It is a stew with meat, paprika powder, onions. It is served with dumpling or potato and pickled cucumber.

Somlói galuska

It consists of Biscuit pieces with vanilla cream, raisin, nuts with chocolate souse.


It is also very famous in Hungary. It is made of vegetable and it is thicker than soup.


Deep-fried dough with various toppings, such as garlic, sour cream and cheese.