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BSc in Civil Engineering

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Duration of course: 8 semesters
Language of instruction: English
Head of programme: Zoltán ORBÁN PhD


Description of programme:

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

This programme is accredited by the Institute of Building Construction and meets the requirements to train innovative, up-to-date civil engineers who go on to design cities with structure. This wide-ranging scientific and engineering field covers large structures and constructions, building engineering, infrastructure management like bridges and highways, and municipal water and wastewater systems. Study of these fields comprises of learning classical engineering sciences such as mathematics, natural sciences and economics. In addition to engineering subjects, the programme provides training in computers and communication skills. Although most graduates go on to work in the field of planning, design or management, they may also be involved in construction engineering, structural engineering, transportation and urban planning, or set themselves up in independent practice.


Application requirements:

All of the documents below have to be completed and sent to the Admissions Office (by post or via e-mail):

“Application Form Civil Engineering”
International Office:
Pécs, Boszorkány Street 2.
University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Office: B011
Boszorkány Street. 2



  • Completed Application Form
  • Certified and translated (if originals are not in English) copy of school transcripts showing satisfactory completion of senior high school. Applicants with previous studies from bachelor level etc. have the possibility to credit transform (Applicants for all bachelor, and master programs). 
  • Letter of motivation in English
  • Curriculum Vitae in English
  • 2 passport size photographs (all programs)
  • Statement or transcript confirming sufficient knowledge of English
  • the payment receipt of the USD 100 application fee (the application fee is non-refundable)
  • Recommendations, more documentation etc - optional 



Deadline for application Tuition fee Application fee
July 15 USD 3300 per semester USD 100





Bank details for application fee transfer 

Name of beneficiary University of Pécs
Address of beneficiary 7622 Pécs, Vasvári P. u. 4., Hungary
Name of Bank Magyar Államkincstár/Hungarian State Treasury
Address of Bank 1054 Budapest, Hold u.4.
Beneficiary’s IBAN HU86 10024003-00282716-00000000
Purpose of Payment (comment field) 101038 - application fee IT Bsc, applicant’s name


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Gabriella MEDVEGY
Vice dean, Associate professor
Institute of Architecture, University of Pécs - Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Phone: +36 72 501 500/23769

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